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She will be staying with her friend for a month and then off to school in the fall. We fought over it alot, but finally I said I was done..she would have to suffer the consequences of his using and would have to learn for herself. I felt when she lived with me she had less responsiblilty.didn't pay rent, used most of her money to support him. The more she has to do for herself AND him, the more she will realize how much he is taking advantage of her, and she will see how much easier it was for her when she was living home because you made it easier. He is too immature and needs his mommy to take care of him as well. She was moved back in by the time we got home, and never talked to that slime ball again... She has to know that whatever the choice, the consequences go with it.

I guess it was a good decision since she will be living on campus. I finally found the courage with alot of support to leave.

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I thought she would have learned from my errors and I see she is only repeating them though she never did run away from home or got pregant ( I hope it stays that way).works two jobs and is pretty independent but she needs to mature. He took money from her, smiked dope and borrowed her car. Doesn't make it easier knowing that she chose him over self love. The creep moved in, and when she asked him to contribute...yeah, right! Finally, when her father and I were on a trip to Vegas, she called us there and told us she was done with him, and moving back home. If she ever comes to you and complains about in, just gently let her know that she is so much better than him, and deserves much more, but that it is HER choice to make.

meaning forcing her to leave him may make her want him even more. a few people didnt want me with my ex monster b/f, and it upset me so i was determined to stay with him.

I told her my door is open if she needs me and I love her and that this decision is the hardest one I have ever had to make. She left on good terms and has indicated she will be living on campus in the fall which is a blessing because she was apprehensive to do so before. sometimes, when you apply pressure people react badly.

I told her during the last breakup that if she was to return to him, she would have to move out. This is he first real relationship at least in her mind. I feel so guilty about asking her to move out (she went to stay with a friend) but I don't see any other way. Her father is an abusive alcoholic and is not really there for her. I am so sad that she doesn't see what a loser he is and how he is using her for money, sex and to stroke his weak ego. being older and experienced you can see the red flags, you can even see what's going to happen....."this guy is going to break my daugther's heart".

Last year he grades suffered she almost got suspended from university as she was so obsessed with him spending time with him and so forth. my mom listened to my story, but when it was all over she would say "i m not going to say i told you so"!