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As a child, David Giuntoli consumed a steady media diet of horror films like "Carrie," "The Shining" and "The Exorcist." The films scared the heck out of him, he said, but like a kid in a (really spooky) candy store, he couldn't help himself from viewing the heart-pounding movies over and over."Watching way too realistic horror movies kind of ruined my life when I was a kid," Giuntoli said during a phone interview. I would be five inches taller if I had never seen 'The Exorcist,' I swear to God.

The general "effervescence" of the Chicago arts scene helped reinforce the idea that he could have a future in entertainment, he said. Giuntoli was visiting friends in Bloomington when a casting director for the 12th season of "Road Rules" approached him for what he remembers as a "30 second" conversation.

Giuntoli was eventually cast on the 2003 show and returned to MTV to participate in the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" with then-girlfriend and "Road Rules" cast mate, Cara Zavaleta."I wouldn't do it again at my age now, but as a 21-year-old it was really great," Giuntoli said.

He really did some pretty good stuff." Giuntoli is sort of like a Midwest vagabond. Louis and graduated from Indiana University, receiving a degree in international business and finance."I kept the makers of the drug Ritalin in business throughout my entire collegiate run," Giuntoli said with a laugh.

"My brain is not made for finance and I had to pump myself so full of ADD medicine just to get through, but you know coming from the Midwest and St.

The way that he can just command an audience and tell a story and just be so captivating and handsome, I think he belongs in front of the camera."So in 2006, Giuntoli made the move to Los Angeles.