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We are here for you, and through our sacred practices and core teachings we are here to help and support you in the continuous search for perfection and a successful life.Our yoga school is much more than weekly courses, it is also a way of life and a place where you can learn to integrate the teaching in whatever you do and whenever you do it. How we walk, how we talk, how we eat, how we breath, how we sleep and how we love.

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“Just wanted to thank you again for the very powerful weekend of sharing and growth….

I find I am still processing the experience and look forward to continued opening and expansion in this area.

Natha is a way to connect with people, to thrive and learn together and from each other.

Foremost it is a place for profound celebration of life´s eternal continuum of transformation, as we believe that the only way to keep up with nature is to understand and act as it does in a flow of new creation and aliveness.

Some people say they are uncomfortable in a group and yet once they leave it is like they are all long lost friends.