malin akerman dating - Dht nodes not updating

— There is an element to a torrent that is called the ‘private flag’.

It’s a small flag that marks to a client that the torrent is ‘private’ and disables any method of sharing peers (including DHT), except via the tracker.

Not really a surprise since the documentation and even the Wikipedia page are filled with technical jargon, and no simple explanation.

A large ad-hoc network of peers pass on information requests about torrents without a central server, meaning no control or single point of failure.

No information about the contents or even the names of torrents are passed around, making this legal and hard to shut down.

however, over the 4 years of life, many myths and misunderstandings have been spread around.

These can put people off using it and can give these users difficulties when a tracker goes down.

We did explain DHT in our jargon piece back in 2006 but after 3 years, we decide to cover it again.