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And it’s all about longtime beau and fiancé Sahil Sangha. Four and half years and finally there’s talk about the big M word. They may not have a date in place but she’s all ready to tie the knot, “I don’t see this engagement going beyond 2013,” she predicts. Someone like Sonam Kapoor who’s been bred in a film environment and has an icon as her parent (Anil Kapoor), she grows up with a proper perspective. ” But I guess she got the right advice at the right time. But again, I didn’t allow anyone to take me under their wings. One for Pratim D Gupta (journalist/film critic with The Telegraph), who’s been a dear friend since eight years.

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I’ve not become a bookworm completely, I’ve also developed some serious martial arts skill. I started working when I was just 19, I haven’t had the time to look beyond the arc lights.

The general perception is that you’ve missed the bus to stardom.

She credits him for bringing stability in her life. On the other hand, kids who don’t come from the industry have no expectations to live up to. He told me a long time ago that whenever he gets down to making a film, I’ll be part of it (she plays a schoolteacher married to a filmmaker). Bengali cinema is perceived as intellectual cinema. It feels nice to see my first stint in regional cinema win critical acclaim.

She’s also moved to greener pastures on the professional front. I feel I can play a bigger role, something I haven’t given myself the liberty to do so far. When I started off, I didn’t even know what I wanted. When I read Pratim’s script, I thought it was Gulzaresque, poetic, nuanced and humane.

Winning critical acclaim for her Bengali film Paanch Adhyay was not only a milestone but also her eye-opener to regional cinema. You feel and experience something and the next moment you’ll be wondering this wasn’t expected. Eventually, I know that I will have to make the time because that’s what fulfills me. Someone who does a film with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or 10 films a year with big banners?

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