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I mean, she’s turning 69, that’s kind of an important number depending on what you’re So you remember a few weeks ago when Kanye ranted during one of his concerts about how things between him and Jay Z are super tense and that North West and Blue Ivy have NEVER hung out?

At the time, Kanye said it was because of “some Tidal/Apple bullshit.” But Page Six has an alternative theory: It’s a common thing people learn from their parents: talking about politics is impolite.

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But seriously, you’d have to be the most boring and uninformed person in the world to actually believe that.

Politics are dirty, complicated, and full of drama — WTF could be a better conversation topic?

After American Apparel’s scandy CEO got fired, Bunny left the company and started building her own brand.

The result is Hard work truly does pay off — just ask Destiny Owusu.

She’s a self-starting model who’s killing it on the modeling scene.

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    USSR btw after elective students there's pricey too Canada has accreditation status because all sections of Human resources admin holding sticks where some pretty outlandish.

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