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Out Of Town Affairs, which brings together married men and women seeking sex, has been clicked on an astonishing 52,375 times in just seven months via computers exclusively used by members of the Houses of Parliament and their employees.The website, which contains explicit pictures of subscribers, boasts: ‘We connect you with thousands of other married men and women looking for a marital affair or more heat in the bedroom. In this month's video, Tom discusses modern day society's panicked fascination with meeting someone. And he even gives us a little glimpse into the workings of his single-man-mind, letting us in to his proposal for a dating TV show: 'The Bargepole'.

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Click here for the North West Actors showcase film "The Queens Return".

The agency was established in January 2007 and is run by Nigel Adams, previously an actor himself for 18 years.

Nigel's actors are of varying ages, types and ethnicities, all being highly talented, professional and reliable, with a formidable work ethic.

Nicki is a multi-talented singer and actress, best known for her 1995 hit dance version of Total Eclipse of the Heart and for representing the UK in Eurovision 2000.

She has performed extensively as an actress in a wide variety of roles.