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Although the two reportedly hit a rough patch at the end of 2014, they have seemingly been doing just fine ever since.

Now that Ryan is back on set with Emma, though, things could be right back to rocky, according to a report in “It doesn’t matter how many times Ryan tells Eva that he and Emma are just friends, she knows there’s an attraction there,” the source told the magazine.

“Eva stops by the set and constantly calls Ryan to see what he’s up to.

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As much as we love seeing Emma and Ryan as co-stars, we don’t want to see an end to Eva and Ryan!

Do YOU think Ryan is cheating on Eva, Hollywood Lifers?

According to a source from OK Magazine, Eva Mendes has had her suspicions about the Ryan Gosling Emma Stone romance people have been speculating on for months.

they make an undeniably strong partnership that translates effectively into movie magic.

But is this solid friendship turning into something more serious?