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Some toponyms from Igboland: Calabar (like Caledonia the beginning Ca L or Ca La might come from Ga Lut, diaspora in Hebrew & Bar is son in Hebrew. Umuahia (like Ushuaia, Argentina, the end ia is possible Yah, or Yahweh) Some Habbanis (from Habban, Yemen) moved to areas on the Indian ocean (India & the Swahili coast of Africa) along typical Hadhrami (from Hadhramut, Yemen) settlements.

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This is evidence of the ressurection bone and the neshama.

The allotment of the right of return is chronicled in our time Judaism is our Halakhic heritage .

Jews who forgot their Judaism: Timne, Bambara, Fante, Mandara, Mandeka.

All have the oral tradition of Maghrebim Israelite origin along with Beta-Israel.

The local Banyankole people or Ankole are regarded as Israelites sometimes, but the truth is they are two peoples with different roles but the same roles as the Tutsis (herders-aristocrats) for the Himas & as the Hutus (agricultors-servants) for the Bairus.