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All sample programs have been carefully crafted to illustrate the latest programming techniques, displaying best-practices solutions to the types of real-world problems professional developers encounter. is a unique intranet software application for centralized, secure and audited publishing of data to CDs, DVDs, Pen Drives and FTP servers via a single computer on the network that acts as a device server and data gatekeeper. takes corporate data management to a new level of security, systematization and sophistication. you can* Keep track and strictly control all data that leaves the confines of your office.* Securely share a single CD/DVD writer on the LAN and write data CDs and DVDs remotely from any machine of your Windows network using just a web browser.* Securely share a USB/Firewire port on the LAN and write data to removable pen drives attached to it, remotely from any machine of your network using a web browser.* Provide a secure centralised browser-based FTP facility for all LAN users, without installing FTP client programs on multiple machines.* Catalog and archive all data that is published for internal circulation or external brush settings- Split tones and key lighting Creative Tutorials Challenging & inspiring Masterclasses inc:- Working with 3D renders- Designing a spaceship- Colourful photomanipulation Also featured;- The art of advertising- Expert printing techniques- Interview with Dylan Cole level, corresponding to welldeveloped linguistic skills and communicative competence of an educated native speaker.

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Creating an MSI file requires careful planning and editing of dozens of database tables.

Being preinstalled on the latest Microsoft operating systems, and also bundled with the most popular productivity packages (Office, etc.) this software installer provides a significant number of power features that improve application management and administration.

This power doesn't come without pitfalls, and the most important of them all is the complexity.

Video Highlights Autoloading classes PHP name spaces to help better organize code Setting up controllers Learn about design patterns Demonstrated in easy to understand projects and examples Screenshots user-interface programming and the enterprise features of the Java SE 6 platform.

Like Volume I (which covers the core language and library features), this volume has been updated for Java SE 6 and new coverage is highlighted throughout.