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Eventually, he was able to look up the location on his phone and relay it to her. Nothing came of the incident, which Bond and a gym manager said involved a man walking into the gym and yelling at the front desk attendant who wouldn't give him a tour just minutes before closing time.

Bond said he was glad his situation turned out to be minor and said having cooperative dispatchers and the correct numbers on the site are crucial."It's a mess," he said.

A phone number for filing complaints about Baltimore police officers connected callers this week instead to an adult chat line advertising "hot ladies."The toll-free 800 number listed on the site until earlier this week was supposed be a 24-7 hot line for an internal investigations detective. "Welcome to America's hottest talk line," a recorded female voice said.

"Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk with you."The Web page was dated April 28, 2008, at a.m.

"It was a pretty stupid thing to do if it was intentional — and in very poor taste." The mayor said she's working on the belief that the situation stemmed from an error."When humans are involved, human error is involved," she said.