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If Chatroulette cleans up its act, then maybe it can get in. It almost didn't matter what kind of eatery replaced the original Bucharest Grill inside Detroit's Park Bar — the success of the beloved shawarma shop that now boasts three locations would be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate.

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I stopped in for lunch the day Gogo's officially opened to the public to check out the Hawaiian-themed offerings.

Full disclosure: I've had exactly one plate lunch in my life during a month-long stint working on a farm on Oahu; I never desired a second.

As of the latest census, there were fewer than 150 native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders living in Detroit.

With that in mind, it seems that Belanger and Gogo's chef Adam Verville (a former sous chef at Gold Cash Gold) are hoping that the novelty will attract uninitiated mainlanders and keep them coming back for more, preferably with one of Park Bar's rotating craft beers to wash it all down.

For its originality alone, Gogo's is a welcome addition to the local restaurant mix, and it will likely please any former island dwellers nostalgic for some loco moco — the classic plate lunch of rice topped with burger patty topped with fried egg topped with gravy.

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