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Kushal, though, stopped short of putting the blame squarely on Gauahar, but admitted having told a journalist friend that religion was becoming a topic for fights between the two.

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is real or just a convenient link-up for the sake of the show.

Especially because she is seriously involved with Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya (inset).

While he wanted to bring them up in traditional Gujarati manner, she wanted them to follow her religion.

and they parted ways because they could not come to an agreement over that issue.” However, a source close to Gauhar’s family denies that the couple broke off because of religious issues.

“They went different ways but Gauhar’s family never asked her the reason for the break up. The break-up was amicable and Nigarr and Gauhar are still close to Nihar.