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The songs birds sing in the early morning are voiceless, sports whistles are silently mocking pieces of plastic, whistling is no longer a trick I am capable of (who know this would go as my hearing did?), and in short, the list of things I can actually hear is far shorter than the list of things I cannot.Everyone talks in hushed whispers of the difficulties faced when a couple is interracial or has conflicting religious views, but no one has really talked about the couple that is hearing and non-hearing.

" So here I am with this amazing guy, three years into dating, and just about every morning in the car my hearing is an obstacle. My Jeep's small engine hums softly, and while during the course of our conversation I may miss a few things here-and-there, by the time I drop him off at work it's been an all-around pleasant trip.

For me, as a "deaf" person, there are a few words and phrases that initially piss me off and then eventually lead me to frustrated tears: Such simple words. Instead, these short, blunt and utterly defeating noises simply remind me of how different I am, how while it really may not be important, simply says to me that if I can't hear it the first time and everyone else did, that I'm simply not worth the effort of repeating it to or telling it in a different way.

Such seemingly harmless 20th century linguistic productions. And let me just say, no matter whether you consider it important or not, to me, it's well to me it's just a hidden "F*** you!

Anyone with hearing loss can tell you how difficult it is to converse with others, how self-defeating, physically exhausting and excruciatingly painful it is to carry on a normal 15-minute conversation without issue.

And when you're dating someone, are in love with someone, the conversations you have can become a source of sadness and sometimes a reason to fight.

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