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Bathsheba is the office manager, while Sara follows up with clients and makes sure all dates go according to plan.

While Bathsheba is a human, Sara was attacked six years ago by a werewolf, which infected her.

The pack knows there is a female shifter out there and they want her back.

See more ยป Summer gets a 2300 SAT and now has a chance for good school as well. Sandy's young colleague is dumped by his girlfriend for taking his job and goes to a strip club instead of working on the meeting.

Sandy fires him but gives a chance when his friend speaks for him. Julie gets a date out of the business Summer having a 2300 SAT? And it is good in this show as their story in this episode was absolutely hilarious. Her business ideas, with stripping maids and high class dating service were some great comedy. The story with Matt was kind of weird when Sandy was mad at him for going to strip club.