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The first thing women will notice about a man is his height.If you’re under 175cm (5ft 9in for the Americans) then most women will immediately consider it a deal breaker.

Surprisingly, the article puts the blame on women for this double standard.

A man’s height, closely followed by wealth, are the two most desirable traits to women.

This is due to the picky, self entitled nature of most modern women today.

Recently, au published a great article on the double standards of height vs weight.

”, then often followed by “so what do you do for work? The last question often translates to “so how much money do you earn? Take this example of a self entitled woman, intereviewed in the au article: “Similarly, Mary, 33, at 5ft 8in (1.72m), wears her highest heels on a date as a height litmus test, to catch out liars.