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I enjoy singing, drawing, writing, reading, watching movies (mostly Disney, horror, Marvel), crocheting. I'm working on losing weight so any encouragement is greatly appreciated! i am a very honest person and love to express my emotions and thoughts. There's a connection there you just can't get from a man. I'm a full-time student studying to be a mental health therapist.

Hotspringsdating com

I dont put up with alot of shyt from anyone and I dont like being lied to I rather you be honest with me than keep it from me. I love to go out and dance the night away or cuddle with each other with a good … I'm about to graduate from high school, and I will probably be going to college in New England. I spend a lot of time on tumblr and playing video games or text-based roleplaying games.

i am in the navy reserves and also have active time total over 5 years. I am looking for someone to be in a relationship with but I am more than willing to become friends. My ideal first date is a dinner and a movie or a quite evening at the park having a picnic.

I'm sick of men n their bullshit tbh I have always liked girls n have dated a few n I would like to do so again cause hey a woman knows what a woman wants lol so hit me up n we will see where it goes I enjoy dinner out , good conversation..

You can tell me anything and not have to worry about what I am going … I am an extremely goofy person and I love making people laugh. Some of my favorite shows include Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC's …

I have OCD in a mild form, I'm tall but I love high heels, I love Christmas lights and having photos of friends and … I am a single mom of two little girls so I haven't had luck with women because of that. If it turns into something a little more serious I'm ok with that.