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The idea here is to help the child develop an appreciation for telling the truth that will last a lifetime. After the fact, you should simply say, "We love you even if you color on walls – but it's important to tell the truth." And leave it at that.In other words, teaching him to tell the truth does not have to be done specifically right now over this event.

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Also, he did not get punished for what he did, because he told the truth and said he was sorry.

If the "crime" in the story involved damages of some kind – e.g.

If he tells the truth, then make a big deal about it – e.g.

Use the straw man technique to develop a main character who gets into a similar situation as your son – e.g.

“Once upon a time there was a boy called Mikey...” The "plot" of each story is, naturally, that the boy lied because he was afraid – and then he told the truth and everyone was so proud of him!