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Our revolutionary filtering process automatically screened Tweets for offensive language and quarantined them for careful, producer scrutiny.

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Evaluate the Koora control room for best integration with our cloud-based technology Marry our IFrame to the client’s website & social platform constructs Study workflow to best deliver fan-comments to the screen and eliminate error Outfit client with user-friendly tools so viewers could instantly vote their opinions Our veteran team analyzed existing procedures and found the least intrusive way to insert social interactivity We delivered a one-seat command center to manage Tweets, comments and voting across TV and internet platforms Our mandate was to bring social interactivity to Koora in time for the World Cup, and we did it. There wasn’t enough time in the day to air all the Tweets Koora received so we gave producers the ability to distribute excess Tweets to their website IFrame, for all their fans to enjoy!

In the heat of the moment, some sports fans become abusive, and Koora couldn’t hope to be spared the dark side of sports interactivity.

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