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Case in point: We host a Speed Dating event annually in Seattle (go here to check out our event on Feb 13) and when our events manager, Stephanie, was going through the sheets to set up matches and exchange their contact info, one girl’s sheet read “ It’s like throwing a sheep into the wolves’ den.

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My point is, people do find love at our pub, which is actually designed to make socializing and dating easy and fun.

This is a two-way street of course, but I feel like its my duty to tell you this dating truth. Swiping phones & geo-tracking a potential hook up from across the pub. It’s very James Bond techy-cool for the dating scene but (IMHO) lacks a bit of Daniel Craig smooth.

Singles Mixers and Speed Dating - Not exactly a real segue but you need to know that these events are the creme de la creme of the people-watching nights.

Take Monday night for example – a great night for Pub Quiz, after work drinks with the boss and strategic 1st dates.

I am not exactly sure if this is more rookie or a veteran move, but in any case, if your first date involves drinks on a Monday night, your date is not quite ready to show you to the world.