Is dating a girl with a kid a bad idea

According to friend Simone Johnson, Meeks was previously incarcerated for grand theft, is a verified gang member and has a pretty long rap sheet. My first boyfriend was a bad boy, and I was in an incredibly toxic on/off relationship with him for eight years.

I’m not going to link to any of those because I think it’s ridiculous. All of the attention has Meeks and his wife pretty upset, and for good reason.

He said, I believe that people can change and that he can be a productive member of society after being in jail. Being a felon negates your hotness factor, at least in my book. But by high school, he was more into drugs and alcohol than going to school.

But this guy clearly hasn’t changed because, well, he just got arrested on felony charges. Meeks is trying to get his life together and not be a criminal. During one of our off periods, I found out he was actually dealing. He had a hold on me that I couldn’t get out of, and I thought I could fix him and make things better. I was manipulated and emotionally abused for years by this bad boy that I thought I could turn good.

Is that a recipe for disaster if things don't work out?

Staying neutral is easier said than done and even though celebrities make it look easy, do you think friends dating friends is a good idea or a bad idea?