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A great high school movie — "The Breakfast Club," "Rebel Without a Cause," "Boyz n the Hood" — will linger in your mind well into adulthood."Paper Towns," a mild coming-of-age mystery adapted from "Fault in Our Stars" author John Green's bestselling novel of the same name, is only a good high school movie.

It's got an appealing cast and a promising premise, as a group of high school seniors embarks on an adventure to find a missing classmate.

However, neither one ever confirmed or denied their relationship status.

But we have a feeling that one was definitely on at some point. Not only was Nat Wolff once linked to the "Friday" You Tube sensation, but he also was a part of some rumors that these two were actually going to have a baby together! However, after an almost two year relationship, it all started to fade. Margaret and Nat just signed on to the book-turned-movie In the summer of 2015, these two really didn't try to hide their relationship.

Like another bard of middle-class high school drama, filmmaker John Hughes, Green gives teens credit for having a rich interior life, and that's a worthy endeavor.