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First of all, they were each other’s first loves, which is a special connection that lasts the test of time.Additionally, they knew one another before they were famous.Whenever the cameras were on her, Vanessa couldn’t wait to steal a passionate kiss with Austin.

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In fact, their connection was so deep during their audition, they got the job in large part based off their incredible chemistry. After they shot , Zac and Vanessa’s careers peaked at the same time — they both became household names immediately.

No one understands exactly what they went through during their formative teen years better than the two of them. During the time they dated, Zac and Vanessa showered each other with love — often buying lavish gifts and even moving in with each other for a time.

Not only are they an incredibly attractive pair, they GET each other.

I doubt it will happen any time soon, but in the next few years, as they start to settle down more and more, I hope Zac and Vanessa rekindle their romance and make it work this time around. Do YOU think Zac and Vanessa are meant for each other?

Sadly, I think they became too comfortable with one another and Vanessa got bored.