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In the bedroom we see Caleb and Christine come in and crawl back into bed.

AM BBT: Frankie talking to the cameras in a bad English accent. If he doesn't get some rest, he is going to be a pissy man.

Donny follows this up with some laps around the yard and more weights. The lights are on in the Have-Not room and snuggled up lumps can be seen.

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She is lying on a chaise by the pool wearing her turquoise bikini.

Donny has walked over to the free weight area of the backyard, picked up a set of hand weights and is now doing curls while looking in the mirror.

AM BBT: Donny says, "I wish someone would talk to Caleb." Nicole: "Some one is going to try today." Donny: "We need to get him on our side." Nicole: "If Caleb wins I will be going up." Donny: "I will too." Nicole: "I hope he is weak from all that slop but we will see." AM BBT: Nicole asks Donny, "If he won tomorrow and it's a double eviction and only one Ho H what will you do?

" Donny: "Probably Christine and Frankie and if it is a Bo B situation, I would say Christine and Victoria." AM BBT: Frankie is up in the kitchen, just looking around, then turns to the camera and yawns and says, "I didn't sleep at all." He grabs his makeup bag and goes to the bathroom area where Jocasta is brushing her hair.

It's hard to tell if he is tapping to a song in his head or tapping on an imaginary keyboard.

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