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The characters of Rosalie and Violette couldn’t be more different.

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Inspired by Lindy Woodhead’s biography Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge, the story of the charismatic man who transformed the face of British stores injected some much-needed glamour into Sunday nights.

The second series culminated in a crushing blow for Harry (played by award-winning actor Jeremy Piven), when he discovered his wife Rose (Frances O’Connor) was dying of cancer.

And as the third series begins this weekend, Harry’s life continues to rapidly unravel.

It’s the first time the women have acted together professionally.“Kara is my best friend and we spend a ridiculous amount of time together, but we’d always kept our professional lives separate until now,” says Hannah, 27, who has made her name in shows such as Hollyoaks and The Inbetweeners.“But it definitely helped to have each other there for reassurance on the first day, especially as we both have a tendency to be self-critical.”Joining a well-established and successful show – one that has now been sold to more than 100 countries – was an intimidating prospect for the actresses, but Kara says the cast members were all very welcoming.“Being the new girl is hard, but everyone was lovely, particularly Jeremy.

He is one of those people who wants the best for the show, so he makes everyone feel comfortable and offered advice whenever we needed it,” she says.