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Now then from prophecy, he drops back down into history.

As you move through these chapters, you will discover that what you have is a transition, and the first two chapters, chapters 36 and 37, look backward. God is giving him these different visions we've been studying, but Hezekiah is the king of Judah who Isaiah interrelated to in this particular period of time in history. I remember one time that we were riding around and there was this red clover on the side of the road.

The nation that the children of God are dealing with in those chapters is the nation of Assyria. I have told you before about when Janet and I were dating, and I used to play tricks on her. I said, "My, aren't those pretty strawberries." Janet said, "Yes, don't they smell good." Then one time I said to her, "Janet, have you ever read the book of Hezekiah? This excerpt only shows a 2000 character sample of the full content.

How to Pray in a Crisis (7 of 12) Series: Isaiah Jerry Vines Isaiah 36-39 3/16/05 In Isaiah 36 through 39 we really come to a transition section in the book of Isaiah.

Actually, what you have here is a historical interlude, so to speak, dropped right between the two main divisions of Isaiah.