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I'm never surprised when people say we're going there. I had never read the script before he [Woody Allen] offered it to me. For any young actor to be in a Woody Allen film, you're just going to do it regardless of what it is.I don't think she goes into this relationship wanting to ruin Jonathan's life or his marriage.It becomes that way just purely out of desperation, and he's lying to her. You're one of the few actors who have worked with him on two movies in a row. I think he wanted to do a comedy and so he wrote a comedy (Scoop) for us.

I felt it was a real honor for me and a lot of fun.

She re-teams with Allen in a comedy called ‘Scoop' next year.

Jonathan will get his biggest audience next summer in a supporting role to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3. Were you looking to play more adult, sex-tinged characters? I think that my character is confident and sexy, but I don't really think the character is a femme fatale.

Being that his direction on set is so quiet, how did he tell you that he was happy with your work? We're kind of a good duo in that way—I can set him up and he's just a goofball. It was very casual, I left the project and said, "I'll be writing you and sending you letters" and before we knew it, it was time to shoot again.

Jon, were you surprised when you read the script and got to the third act?