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What makes it so tough is the fact that rounds require five minutes of constant contact between competitors.

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For boxing, you have to be in great shape but it doesn't have that physical contact like wrestling and judo.

In boxing, you can just stand in front of your opponent or just dance around.” Developed in Japan in the late 1800s, judo has been an Olympic event since 1964 (1968 being the only exception).

So Japan sets the bar pretty high in the sport, and that’s not to mention fierce competition from many other parts of the world.

He also notes that the necessary skills involved in judo are integral to success in mixed martial arts, generally making the transition easier to handle for judo competitors.

The main goal of judo is for one athlete to gain leverage and toss his opponent onto his back through a dynamic throwing technique. If this can’t be done, matches can also end by pinning an opponent on his back or submitting them through a stranglehold or an arm lock.