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Cera: We actually blocked it out, so when we got there we didn’t have think about blocking, we could think about everything else. We all ended up getting the roles and we were all there together at the end. CS: At that point, you had already done “Superbad” but it hadn’t come out yet? It was last summer and then in September it went to Europe. I know there are some people who are upset about that. Dennings: They are upset that I ask him to be my boyfriend and he doesn’t ask me. I’m not going into their bedrooms and taking the book and putting the movie there. When I like a book and it is made into a movie, I think of them as two separate things. Dennings: Difficult to be a passenger inside the Yugo. CS: What were your New York experiences like before making this movie and during?

Some of the shots were taken from the neck down, while others show (presumably) Dennings' face as well.

Her show on CBS, "2 Broke Girls," snagged an Emmy Award in its first season.

Nude photos allegedly of Dennings first surfaced in November 2010 and were reported on sites like Popcrunch.

At the time, Dennings was best known for starring opposite Michael Cera in 2008's teen romance flick, "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist." The photos were taken in a bedroom.