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The other day I was talking to Nick Savoy about the art of teaching guys how to get women.Not about the basics, the stuff we’ve covered a million times.

The conversation was about what kind of guys who succeed very quickly and what makes them different from the guys who take a ...

I am proud to introduce the official debut of my first product: Beyond Words: The art of body language and physical escalation. M, and myself worked for over a year on this product and we’re happy to finally release it.

M have finally released their long awaited phone and text game book, it’s called “The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game” and believe me when I say: It’s a monster. I am very excited right now though, as I get to announce that I WILL BE GOING TO THE PLAYBOY MANSION ON AUG 15-16th for an advanced bootcamp with Savoy!

This is literally the be-all and end-all of phone and text game advice, not only ...

It’s a great interview because they actually asked some really interesting questions, and tried […] Yoooo!