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Java 8 is being around for a while already and lot of us are already using Java 8 features on our projects.

But do we use these great Java 8 features correctly and efficiently?

Java as one of them has transformed and improved significantly in the last 10 years.

Having done lots of code reviews during last years we’ve seen some common antipatterns of Java 8 features usage. From my point of view ideal code is a code that meet all the software and programming requirements and standards and involves best development practices and techniques.

In this talk we want to show you some of the examples where Java 8 features were misused or poorly used and show you how certain things could have been better implemented. However is it possible to achieve such code quality? I will explain this topic based on my developer and trainer experience.

People usually think that Big Data is something far outstanding from usual-scale projects. We will review a lot of practical cases and code samples.

This story is about crossroads where Big Data and Enterprise can meet each other. Years after Kent Beck provided JUnit, unit testing is part of most developer teams tooling.