Canroomsex - Lankasex talk

Media reports of occasional brothel raids in poorer neighbourhoods may grab public interest but has done little to stop an industry that is resilient and widespread.

Police raids are scarce at the top end of town, on star-class hotels and other exclusive venues, where city-savvy prostitutes transact encounters.

That reasoning should go for the thousands of child-burdened war widows, especially in the north and east, who have suddenly become breadwinners without education or employable skills.

If their lives are to be turned around, those women must be provided with education and skills.

Subjecting them to the trauma of abuse and humiliation through arrest, production before a judge, fining and then releasing, is never a solution.

Police harassment of sex workers must only put greater burdens on the lives of men and women forced into the trade, mostly because of a lack of alternative employment or a social security network.

In many instances, desperation and the need to provide for children would drive divorced or widowed women to the easy option of sex work.