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I have never got a phone call from LM to find out how my "so call dating went". They kept calling me, making comments to play on the missed opportunities, etc, and then they offered a 40% deal and also told me that they had a very good match for me already - the cost was a hefty 00 for a membership.

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4 contacts since then but either match not available (no response) or again very inappropriate for me.

The last match was very rude on the phone and I believe that they do not screen or match the contacts in a professional manner.

And so I kept calling to find out status, and they kept baiting me with yes, they were just finalizing things or some other excuse.

ONTARIO -- I signed up with Lifemates at the end of December 2015, for the sum of 2,400$ in full.

Only one date since then and the contact was nice but absolutely not my style.