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I was happy to find one who was comfortable discussing the differences between a Tukey's test and an items analysis--for a little while, anyway!

And I bet you don't know too many guys who watched Pride and Prejudice on public television and enjoyed it--well, most of it!

I'll call you the day before to see if you can make it. Jan introduced us during halftime--I was the one with the rival team's sweater, remember?

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I still need you to explain to me exactly who was proud and who was prejudiced.

I was hoping we could get together on Friday for lunch in the campus cafeteria and discuss it--my treat. I'm sending this with the hope that you are unattached and actually want to see me again. I'm so glad that I met you last week at the football game.

I've looked forward to writing you since we met at the Fleetwood Mac concert last week. Ever since I let you cut in front of me in the line at the concession counter, I've been remembering those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful smile of yours.

The reason for my letter is to extend you an invitation for dinner next Friday, assuming you're free and available. I'll always be grateful to Brian for inviting me to his party last night because meeting you became the highlight of my evening. I was the one with the buzz cut and my mind was on the tests we're running in my statistics class.

I was also fascinated by your knowledge of the Napoleonic Wars--a longtime interest of mine. I was wearing the navy suit with the yellow striped tie.