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Source: Shutter Stock When you ask a dude a question you think he might lie about, pay attention to his mouth.

Liars sometimes flick their tongue out or lick their lips before they lie in a subconscious way of believing they're about to get away with the lie they're giving you.

Lying sucks, especially in relationships, but unfortunately, some people are really good at it.

They come up with stories that are just elaborate enough to be real, they have a great poker face, and they know exactly what to say to make you believe them. But here’s the good news: even the best liars can’t hide some of the body language that goes along with fibbing.

While these body language signs of lying definitely aren’t as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose, they can still be helpful to watch out for when you suspect that your boyfriend isn’t being honest with you. So how can you find out if your boyfriend is telling you the truth or if he just made up a crazy lie?