Mame updating game list adobe flash player not updating internet explorer

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Well, you can't just simply take the update and drop it in to your roms folder, it'll kill pretty much every rom it touches. NOTE: DO NOT grab the ".126 to .127(or whatever) Update" torrent as that is specifically for those who will be using CRLMAMEPRO(or something similar) to update their set.u Torrent will start off by "checking" what you have.

CRLMAMEPRO is a long, drawn out joke if you don't really care about dat files or any of that other bullshit. Once it's done, it will begin to download what has been changed or added.

However, if you would like to contribute then go ahead and start the registration process!

NOTE: I have no idea why the board defaults to centering everything when you're lurking/not logged in.

Once logged in, it aligns everything to the left(as it should be).