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Since we got to shower together this morning I got to supervise her daily hygiene regimen when she removed the Holy Trainer.

Once you take marriage vows, you have what a sacred sanctity.

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Just as a precaution I turned the shower on while Terri, bent over and grabbing her ankles, received multiple swats from the wooden spoon I had brought up to our bedroom last night while no one was looking.

The spoon works well and lets me land my swats more accurately than the crop, making it easier to redden a designated spot on her buttocks. It didn't take long for her to have an "accident" while I soaped up her soft little clitty.

It's not even AM yet and I've already 1) had my first orgasm of the day, 2) gave my sissy a well deserved spanking and 3) soothed her sissy buns while we showered together. I was easily able to keep the "noise" down throughout the orgasm but the spanking was a bit more challenging.

All this was done in the privacy of our bedroom while some house milled around and possibly helped themselves to coffee, bagels and some fruit.

Just like the real world, online dating sim game can really be a challenge when it comes to wooing someone for you.