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Rapinoe is highly active in supporting LGBTQ causes, and is well-known for her advocacy of social issues.Her sense of humor and likable personality has led to her being one of the more popular players on the team.The United States team was nervous in its Women’s World Cup opener on Monday, but Megan Rapinoe had enough confidence for the whole bunch.

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She has over 287,000 followers on Twitter, 157,000 likes on Facebook and 131,000 on Instagram.

She used social media to blast outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter: And she can sing … After she scored against Colombia in the 2011 World Cup, she turned the stadium into her own karaoke bar, grabbing a microphone and spontaneously belting out “Born In The USA.” Rapinoe has a twin sister, Rachael, and they are the youngest of six siblings.

We’d ask where one buys something like that, but this is FIFA, so let’s not go there.

Rapinoe was in a long-term relationship with Sarah Walsh, a former soccer player for … The two soccer stars split in 2013 and Rapinoe is now seeing singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone.

The native of Redding, Calif., came out as a lesbian three years ago in Out Magazine.