Melting powder consolidating

To control the quality of the obtained material, the most important process parameters are the laser power, the thickness of the powder layer, and the preheating temperature.The laser power should be sufficient to heat the surface up to the boiling point.To attain complete consolidation in the critical zone situated at the bottom of the powder layer, the thickness of the layer can be reduced.

Experimental results are analyzed with the developed mathematical model considering powder consolidation by merging softened particles.

The influences of layer thickness of the deposited powder on consolidation characteristics are investigated.

Laser beam used is Yb:fiber laser with a spot diameter of 45 μm and a maximum powder of 40 W.

This paper deals with the monitoring of laser consolidation process of ferrous based metal powder with high speed video camera.

The melting process and solidifying process of metallic powder are observed in order to clarify the consolidation mechanism.