Metal chick dating

This you can tell by what they are wearing, what makeup they have (applies only to emo metalcore fags), and how much they harass people.Metalheads are a primitive forerunner of the human race that display heightened levels of aggression, exceptional constitution, narrow-mindedness, and a strong affection for loud, violent, evil-sounding, vaguely otherworldly (Brutal) music.They are widely accepted, by most academics, to be the basis for Gods and supernatural deities in all popular religions.

They get up into groups and proceed with a well-known metalhead pastime known as being edgy.

Metalheads are generally seen in groups harassing anyone that has a different opinion than them.

And depending on what type of metalhead they are they will commit certain acts such as drinking, sacrificing rodents and children to Satan or complaining about their math teacher.

And on special occasion, they perform the metalhead ritual known as moshing.

It is possible to allign oneself with a tribe of Metalhead through simple acts like reaching out and communicating with them on a similar level to other humans.