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The funny thing is that Erica Ellyson really was my favorite on the show. She’s even working with a company called Platinum Tees that has models go golfing with people.

The problem I have with that is that Erica would kill me at golf.

Anyway, the pretty girls were nice, but they were put in really interesting situations. Sure, he had a good choice with Amanda, but Erica had something really special.

Oh yes, and Camilla Poindexter should have been picked by Robb.

Ridiculous that he didn’t and even more ridiculous that Jo Jo even considered taking his mom.

Plus, it didn’t hurt that they had at least 3 playboy playmates and a Penthouse Pet of the Year either.

I can’t mention that without posting at least a few pictures right: Erica Ellyson Penthouse Pet of the Year Meghan Allen and Michelle Kopasz were the other Playboy Playmates.

Check out the full streaming video of Momma’s Boys if you missed it.