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This detail was quickly forgotten because the fun and flirty conversation took hold and did not let up.

I could tell he was excited and nervous because for the first hour, he talked a lot! I am still confused by my mixed feelings over this.

To put it daintily, our brains are overworked hamsters on a golden wheel going round and round and round. Give them a task and they will be gratified in completing it. (Or it distinguishes his flame and he disappears like a trail of smoke). Someone who is willing to stand up, put forth the effort and make time for you.

Our ability to overanalyze the actions and inactions of men is pretty impressive. ” We could fill a library with the thoughts and wonders we have come up with trying to solve this question! Give them a challenge, and they are made kings in conquering it. Or someone who doesn’t really feel called to put in the work.

Lu has discovered and shared that then when guy #2 and #3 are calling, it is not so bothersome that guy #1 hasn’t. Lu believes that a woman should absolutely be honest with her dates and share that she is also seeing other men. Personally, I desire a man who lights my flame and is interested in building me a fire every time I see him because he wants me to keep warm. I finally went on a date with the guy I blew off to see The Climber for the second night in a row (and to have my medical meltdown).