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Ray eventually became so lonely that he left his house and introduced himself to a neighborhood boy, but the boy's mother became hysterical at the site of him.

After this, he was locked down in the basement, where he grew up with only the occasional company of his mother and the book Huckleberry Finn to read.

He searched for the river, though it was nowhere to be found.

He sometimes has difficulty differentiating fantasy from reality, and he also is less experienced at dealing with others.

His rock-like form has had bullets bounce off of his chest and he has survived a bullet to the head, though it left him unconscious for a few minutes.

This is his power level at age 16 and may increase with age.

Nonetheless, he is extremely loyal to his friends and can become extremely angry when cornered, harassed, or when his friends are in danger. History: (Freex#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ray was one of a number of infants in a hospital injected by the woman known as Wetware Mary with nanotechnology derived from the Fire People, intended to create a race of super warriors.(Freex#10 (fb)) - As a child, Ray's mutation was readily apparent.

His father forced him to stay inside the house, because he didn't want anyone to know that he had made a freak.