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Many young people who travel to Morocco consider the easy availability of hashish (or " any illegal activity it is a fact that many people do use hash when they are in Morocco and they should be informed of some issues surrounding the smoking of "kif".

Don't be afraid to say no to persistent young men offering "kif" if you are not interested.

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You can buy small pipes (sebsis) or water pipes (hookahs) in most markets around Morocco.

The pipes will not be displayed openly but venture inside some of the small bazaars and you'll find them.

In every Moroccan city you will find small cafes where local men smoke their water pipes while playing cards and drinking mint tea.

Smoking Hashish or Kif Hashish (Kif) is basically processed cannabis (marijuana). The colors will vary depending on the type and quality of the hashish.

Hashish is usually crumbled, mixed with tobacco and then rolled into a joint (cigarette) or smoked in a pipe.