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The 57-year-old has seen his law license suspended and revoked, has paid a 0,000 judgment to a man he brutally beat in 1999, lost a job teaching law in Australia for hiding his disbarment, and earned his nickname – 'Fightin' Joe' – for engaging in a courtroom fistfight while he was a prosecutor in 1991.

David Mark Morrissey is an English actor and film director.

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", "Shoplifters of the World Unite", "Girlfriend in a Coma", "Sheila Take a Bow", "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before", "The Queen Is Dead", "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out") Discography: Viva Hate (1988), Kill Uncle (1991), Your Arsenal (1992), Vauxhall And I (1994), Southpaw Grammar (1995), Maladjusted (1997), You Are The Quarry (2004), Ringleader Of The Tormentors (2006).

'I am as engaged in Chase’s life as a man could be. 'When Morrissey struck his plea deal six months ago, he was allowed to serve his jail time on a work-release program – making him the state's only legislator who worked in the statehouse by day and slept in the jailhouse by night.

I’m super proud of Chase, and I love Myrna,' the scandal-plagued former lawmaker said adding that he has been 'changing poopy diapers, giving him milk. Morrissey himself phoned in to the show to deny it, and moments later his young lover arrived at the studio to blame her father of manufacturing the scandal to get back at Morrissey for his help in a dispute over her father's child support That brought back memories of a 1994 incident when police recovered an Uzi submachine gun in from a heroin dealer – a gun that police had loaned Morrissey, then a prosecutor, for use as a prop when he spoke at schools about drugs and violence.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Davyhulme, Manchester, England, UK.

At a very early age, he took an interest in writing.