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Luke Edwards National Stadium, Warsaw Like most volatile football rivalries Poland v Russia at Euro 2012 was inflamed by history and politics, Poland having been a puppet state of the old Soviet Union.

With Russian fans given permission to march through the streets of Warsaw to the ground before kick-off to mark Russia Day, armed police moved swiftly and aggressively to snuff out several violent skirmishes between rival fans.

Be it a baseball diamond, a soccer pitch, a hockey rink or a basketball court, every sport has its share of venues that create a formidable advantage for the home team.

Whether it’s Estadio Azteca, Fenway Park, Lambeau Field or Cameron Indoor Stadium, some stadiums present a downright scary environment for their visitors.

College football is a big deal to many, but it’s everything that is great in the world to certain fan bases, and those are the fans that are the focus of this countdown.