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Fill(dataset, "EMP"); // Get the EMP table from the dataset Data Table table = dataset. To String()); row["SAL"] = sal + .01; // Now update the EMP using the adapter // The Oracle Command Builder will create the Update Command for the // adapter to update the EMP table adapter. Write Line("Row updated successfully"); } } // C# using System; using System.

Client; class Oracle Data Adapter Sample { static void Main() { string constr = "User Id=scott; Password=tiger; Data Source=oracle"; string cmdstr = "SELECT empno, sal from emp"; // Create the adapter with the select Command txt and the // connection string Oracle Data Adapter adapter = new Oracle Data Adapter(cmdstr, constr); // Create the builder for the adapter to automatically generate // the Command when needed Oracle Command Builder builder = new Oracle Command Builder(adapter); // Create and fill the Data Set using the EMP Data Set dataset = new Data Set(); adapter. Client; class Row Updated Sample { // Event handler for Row Updating event protected static void On Row Updating(object sender, Oracle Row Updating Event Args e) { Console.

Start(); } void On Timed(object sender, Elapsed Event Args e) { img Capture.

Tables["EMP"]; // Indicate Data Column EMPNO is unique // This is required by the Oracle Command Builder to update the EMP table table. Unique = true; // Get the first row from the EMP table Data Row row = table.