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• JACOBS: The ‘challenging’ rule that should be changed Now 38, Johnson wears many hats, and one of his newer ventures is co-hosting a weekly podcast with NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes. • KING: Jerry Jones on Johnny Manziel's future, the NFL after LA, more MJ: CJ: Most definitely. It’s still a great game but the rules take away from the ability to have fun and entertain as a player. He’s done a masterful job protecting the NFL shield which is one of the reasons the owners voted for him to be commissioner.

Johnson’s voice is an original—in some parts refreshing, in some jaw-dropping. I have access to people that other people who do podcasts don’t have. But this is the key for Cleveland: Management has to allow him the freedom to do what he needs to do to improve them offensively, defensively and on special teams. In Cincinnati, Mike Brown allowed Marvin [Lewis] the freedom to build a team and get them to where they are now. MJ: CJ: I’m going to have a television show and I’m going to talk about sports and life; it’s going to be fun.

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He led the league in receiving yards in 2006, and was a four-time All-Pro with Cincinnati before a one-year stint in New England never took off. One of the first shows we had with Deion was so good. Every person I’ve talked to that’s been married for a long time says the same thing—it’s hard. I had the discipline to play football and to want to be great at a sport, but I’ve never had the discipline to commit to one woman and haven’t had to. But with me, I’m not an ugly guy, I’m charismatic and I can hold a conversation like none other. But when I think about monogamy and dealing with the same thing over and over again, it gets old after a while. There’s only so many ways to prepare that meal and season it. He’s a great talent and he has to get back in the NFL. I got everything out of it I could possibly get out of it and I did it the way I thought it should be done.

Johnson signed with Miami in ’12 but was released in training camp the same day he was arrested on a count of domestic battery—the release was shown on , which happened to be filming Dolphins training camp that season. We touched on football, we touched on life, we touched on relationships. The way I view dating and marriage and relationships, it’s so non-traditional, even though I’ve tried it the traditional way but for some reason in my personal experiences it never happens the way we plan it or the way the way society tells us how it’s supposed to be. What he showcased at Texas A&M should carry over in the NFL if put in the right system and I can’t wait until he gets that second opportunity. There’s nothing to miss unless I didn’t do it in a way that was conducive to what I like. The part I don’t like is him being so strict on the rules.

they're willing to shoot scenes out in Cincinnati too.