Office 2016 not validating

If you have run across this issue, make sure to let Microsoft know in its Answer forums so that they see how widespread this issue has become but for now, I would not recommend installing Office 2016 on El Capitan.

I have been running the GM candidates and the release build of El Capitan since it was first announced by Apple as well as running the release version of Office 2016 for Mac and the experience is atrocious.

office 2016 not validating-75

When trying to write this post using Office 2016 on El Capitan, Word crashed twice.

For those who use a Mac every day with Office, you may want to wait on upgrading to El Capitan as the problem appears to be more widespread than Microsoft is admitting.

Some users have reported no issues post upgrade but for those that hit this bug, it’s a show-stopper.

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