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Following the above, you'll be directed to a second Q&A section (no, nothing like e-Harmony) designed to separate the "wits" from the not-so.

If you wish to know more about this screening process (or anything else), see our and we'll put it in perspective. If you think you belong here at Love For Wits, you most likely do.

Com, a unique and free social dating site for singles with sense (), and MOST importantly, a sense of HUMOR.

IS THE NEAR PERFECT MAN OR WOMAN FOR YOU GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT TOWN, ACROSS THE COUNTRY, ON A MOON OF SATURN? You are here, they are here, and always keep in mind that Love for Wits is no place for the commonplace.

From San Diego to New York to London, we're collecting the best single wits found anywhere.

By mentioning your requirements as in step 2) applies you write that you are looking at least in a broader sense.

And now, if you've read the above, and you believe you're prepared to become part of our Love For Wits dating community, you can begin now.

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